the rest of the scenario

Scene #6   Yen-hui receives SMS


Yen-hui is walking somewhere. Suddenly, her mobile alarms and she looks mobile phone screen.
She manipulates mobile phone and looks the information of properties. After that, she makes phone call to landlord(Daisy). She talks something.(after talking, nod head and hangs up)


She receives a SMS from mob-housing service.  She can sees the information of properties and makes appointment immediately.



Scene #7   She’s got a new room


Yen-hui goes to Daisy’s room. She uses her mobile map for getting there. In Daisy’s flat, Yen-hui looks offered room and talks with Daisy. After talking, they agreed with contract. Everybody is happy.


Finally, Yen-hui find out a new room via mob-housing service. She thinks mob-housing service was really useful and she is going to tell her friends about this service.


Daisy’s room


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