Video scenario draft

Video scenario


Scene #1   Yen-hui comes to London



Yen-hui is walking on the street



Yen-hui is a student of University of the arts London. She came to London 2 months ago. She has been sharing a room with her friend so far, and now she wants to get her own room.



Crowded street(ex. Piccadilly circus)



Scene #4   What Daisy wants



Daisy is talking with her friends



Daisy became a year 3 student last month. She is living in a 1 room studio flat in Elephant & Castle and has been living in there for 5 months. She feels current home is a bit large and the cost is expensive. So, she wants to save living cost by room sharing.






Scene #3   Yen-hui looks for a new room



Yenhui is using the computer. She searches property websites and after seeing some property information, make phone call to somewhere. After calling, she gets disappointing.(sigh)



She is looking for a new room, but it is not easy. It is hard to find a suitable room to her and she has found that good rooms are always gone too quickly. Since she decided to get a new room, she spends too much time in front of her computer everyday.



Yen-hui’s room.



Scene #4   Using Mob-housing match making service



Daisy is using the computer in her flat. She types something.



She wants a female flatmate who is friendly and in a similar course with her. Also she wants non-smoker and with no pet. Now, she has found out Mob-housing service and thinks it is useful. She registered with the service and offered her flat.



Daisy’s room



Scene #5   She has found out Mob-housing service



#1. At the university, Yen-hui is talking with her friend. The friend talk to her about mob-housing(showing a mobile phone).

#2. She sits in front of computer. Mobile phone is near the computer. She connects to mob-housing.



#1. One day, she heard about Mob-housing service. She wants to use it.

#2. She connected and activated Mob-housing service.



#1 University, #2 Yen-hui’s room.


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