usability test result 04/07/08

Opnions from users


User 1   Thai, female



l  She did not understand priority system

l  Sometimes she does not want to give her phone number. She need it is reliable and how it works.


l  Putting information : no multiple choice


l  Changing weekly rent fee option : min – max

l  Year option is too many – ridiculous

l  In some fields, she need more flexible options(ex. Multiple choice)

l  Language box : she want text input box

l  Consistency of colour : too much difference of colour between pages



User 2   Chinese, male



l  He wrongly understood priority system. Option name(high, medium, low) is not clear.


l  Overall, he did not feel particular difficulties of using

l  His English skill was not so good, thus it was problems. His problem was understanding names of fields rather than using them.


l  He thought main page was too simple. He suggested put some pictures of furniture to main page



User 3   Thai, female



l  She understood priority options as quality


l  She did not make sense for priority system


l  She felt there is too much information in option page. It was too complicated, thus she wanted make it more simple.



User 4   British, female



l  She was confused about sign-in and log-in functions

l  She did not understand ‘study subject’ option

l  She understood our title text(statement) as menu because it located at left side and the mouse cursor changed to hand shape

l  She understood priority system, but she doubted if it is necessary

l  She thought visual design is not attractive because grey and black are boring and uninteresting colours


l  She felt difficulty in some options because there are no ‘any’ options


l  Name field : she needed to make partition as first name and last name field

l  She needed ‘any’ option in some field(ex. House type)

l  The option names of priority system should be changed – (ex. Important)

l  She needed much more options on subject option(ex. Business…)

l  She thought that roommate’s characteristics is more important than study subject

l  Need furnished – unfurnished option

l  Add taxi option to transportation

l  In sending massage option, she suggested AM PM option

l  She need a detailed explanation page before main page

l  She suggested title text : ‘A flatmate match making service on your mobile phone’


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