Mob-Housing Proto Working on an Emulator Now!

Our Prototype Matches can be tested on the Nokia N95 Emulator

The pages look good almost on all Nokia Devices listed on Adobe Device Central
Further development will include the implementation of google maps to locate the found accommodation. Using Google Maps API

At the mean time, Laila’s (me) Task is Coding The Matching system and Database Design.

Database includes : User Input information and Room available information

Technology Used is php and MySql running on my Mac right now and will be implemented on on Monday

Emily Can you:

1. Replace the scroll down feature with one click option to jump to the next page because Usability wise it takes time and effort to scroll too long on the phone to see the next page.

2. On the 3rd picture can you make the text bigger and try to fit the page on the phone’s screen perhaps by minimizing the images.

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