Persona 2


Daisy Rodgers

She is in the course of BA Photography, LCC

Daisy became a year 3 student last month. She is living in a 1 room studio flat in Elephant & Castle. She has been living in current home for 5 months. She feels current home is a bit large and the cost is expensive to her so she wants to save living cost by room sharing. She is going to look for a female roommate who is friendly and in a similar course with her, such as photojournalism because she wants to share information and study together.
She does not like pets and she is not smoker thus she wants to notice this option to house hunters. She does not want to use estate agency because she wants to save housing fee. She has experience with using the housing website such as Gumtree, however she is not sure that she gets a new roommate who meets all her conditions, so she is looking for more effective way for advertising her room.
User Goals

Daisy connects to our service to:
– offer her room
– find out roommate who meets her conditions
– register with matching service


3 Responses to Persona 2

  1. Laila says:

    Thanks Lee,

    Do you think you can replace the camera in the girl’s hand with a mobile phone so it would look like that she is looking at the photo attached in the received MMS, that would be more expressive of our concept what do you think?

  2. fineblue says:

    good idea, i will replace the photo. thanks.

  3. Laila says:

    Nice one 🙂

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