Morning Meeting Minutes/ Mazy’s Tutorial Notes

From our Tutorial with Mazy:

1. Add Edit Criteria Priority feature to our Web registration page

2. Solve the distance calculation from University to the room

3. Add the field of Study as a criteria in the registration page

4. Add spoken language criteria to the Web Registration page

For the Mobile Phone:

1. Add one click button option to dial Landlords phone number

2. Add including bills or not for the matches on the mobile phone

Please add any other notes if you have taken during the tutorial

Summary of morning small meeting:

1. We need to limit the number of messages to match the priority criteria of the user

so that means that the user can set a limit to the received messages according to the proprities of the criteria he specified when filling the form.

2. The Matches will have a web version in theory on the web but our main concentration will be to make it on the mobile phone.

3. Our main target audience is students and our secondary audience is Landlord

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