paper prototype test result

Result of first prototype testing

In demographic information, both 2 students are same.
Age : 25-30
Gender : female
Nationality : Taiwan
Course : MA EMCA

When they saw our form, they understood what the form is for. Both of them replied our service would be helpful to find roommate in the future.
When they use internet for house hunting, pictures are problems.(too small, not clear, irrelevant… they want clear and relevant picture)

Positive features of our project : match finding, convenience(easy-to-use)
Negative : cost is too expensive, screen is too small to see map

Recommendations by users

Suggested criteria : zone(instead of area), gender, age, nationality, pet, bill included, own bathroom, living room and dining room for students(some houses don’t have it), heating

Usability issues

For activation, normally they activate services through email. They are not familiar to mobile code activation. We should more think about activation process.
Login page : they suggested restricted number of text of ID and password. Basically they moved cursor by using center navi key and used center OK key as enter key. 1 user suggested that login screen is divided into 2 – ID screen and password screen.
In the detailed screen, they need more pictures, not only 1 picture.(users tend to want many and detailed pictures)
In the map screen, they wanted zoom in and out option.

One Response to paper prototype test result

  1. Laila says:

    Thank you Lee,
    As for the Zoom options in Google Maps it is already available in all mobile phones that have web browsers.
    It is usually either under option for small phones and using middle key on Media phones, for the Nokia phones of course.

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