Persona 1


Yen-Hui Chang

She is in the course of BA fashion illustration, LCF

Yen-Hui is a student of UAL. She is 22 years old and light-hearted. She moved to London from her country 2 months ago and now she is living in a room which is near to Vauxhall.
She wants to move her accommodation because her room is far from university and expensive. She is looking for new room which is cheaper than current accommodation and near to her school. Also she wants to know if the room is located at safe, clean area. She has been using housing website for 2 weeks, but could not get suitable room because she could not spend long time for searching so good room always has gone before she find out it.
Yesterday, she heard of mobile housing service from her friend. She is going to use it today. She used to connect to mobile internet often when she was in China. However, she is not using mobile internet now because UK’s mobile internet cost is expensive than China.

User Goals

Yen-Hui connects to our service to:
– find out suitable room
– compare conditions between rooms
– register with matching service
– receive housing alert service


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