Usability testing plan

Usability testing plan of paper prototyping

Main issues :

To verify users’ understanding of the application, To find difficulties of using the interface

Test location : LCC

Target audiences : students who have experience which look for a house

Preparation : paper prototype, questionnaires

Test scenario for paper prototype test

– We pretend a user is now looking for a house

– We give paper prototype to user and introduce about the test

1. Sign up & login – to register with the service and login

Task 1 : you are now looking for a new accommodation, which is 1 room in flat near LCC. Potential budget is £100 per week. How would you do with this mobile service? (test about searching with basic options)

Task 2 : you want to know about transportation situation and amenities around the house. How would you do? (test about advanced searching options)

Task 3 : you got the information from housing alert service. How can you see the information and the google map? And how can you contact and make appointment with landlord?

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