Expected Matrial on Wendesday

Just to confirm what we discussed earlier –

Before the next tutorial, you’ll need to have –

Conducted an initial survey of your broad user group (traveling business people) to gain insight into current use of mobile technologies, their specific needs as business travelers, advice they’d give to other business travelers.

This data should help refine your concept development by defining specifically which core features (i.e 2 or 3 main features) to develop, and then to define a set of other useful features which would be developed if you were to continue the project after the course.

The survey feedback should also help narrow down your target audience to a more specific type of user. For example, we discussed the possibility of developing the product to serve conference attendees.

You’ll then need to conduct initial testing with a Paper prototype, to gain insight into the interface layout and functional process.

Then, if possible, you could test an early demo version of the html / css mobile WAP site, for basic functional usability.

You should either recruit a panel of users specific to your target group, or approach people in a mainline Rail station, and ask them a few brief screening questions to ascertain if they fit their target group, and if they do, to conduct a brief (15 min) usability test at that location.

It’s highly recommended for a Mobile project to test ‘in situ’, i.e. in the location the product is intended to be used, and where possible, to always test with the mobile device itself (rather than on a laptop).

Please get in touch if you have any questions relating to usability

Lee, if you can send me the 1st draft of your usability test script for the paper prototype test, before you so the testing, I can give you some feedback on it.

Here’s a link to my paper on ‘Utilising scenarios for user testing of mobile social software’ (opens as a PDF) I hope it’s useful to you!

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