result of interview

sorry for late posting, I did not have enough time yesterday…

I went to local estate agency yesterday and interview agents. briefly, I think mobile is not suitable to agency’s work, so I would suggest to change our direction.

usually, estate agents go to outside for house valuation. there are many articles for valuation – condition, location etc… after valuation, they suggest right price to landlord, and then, landlord decide price eventually.

the price is suggested by 2 or 3 more agencies. landlord call several egencies for valuation. suggesting price is decided by only egencies’ experiences.

another reason of outside work is showing house to buyers.
house selling is not easy. so it requires long time. buyers need detailed information and they do not want to decide quickly. maybe buyers spend many time in front of their PC.

If negotiation is needed, agent will call landlord and discuss. usually landlords do not want to discount their prices, so it needs enough time as well.(emily, I found TV program is unreal…)

in conclusion, I could not find any necessary of mobile phone service in their work process.
we must give answer to ‘why we have to use mobile phone?’. but I failed.


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