New Target Audience_Neighbourhood Residents


I believe since our concept and target audience doesn’t change the functional side of the project I believe we need to start making it, in this case we have 2 probable audience that we will decide on, during we can start making the application.

I have created the concept sheet please press the link to view it, I am not so attracted to the idea though! But I will do it since you guys like it! I think it would be better if it is targeting a fun activity rather than fear! But it is a personal point of view and Rob said it is ok if the Housing application exists as long as it offers something new!
I will update our schedule soon and we will have to stick to it since we have only 4 weeks to come.


The Schedule:

Wednesday  18/June We need to start creating the static List of the application using HTML and CSS or Flash Lite

Sunday 21 we start to make the dynamic page using Python of which I am working on learning it at the moment.

Monday 22nd we start testing the application using a borrowed mobile phone

Tuesday 23 we implement the results

Wednesday 24 we start thinking of the presentation (video, persona)

Thursday 25 we start making the projects Web Site

The schedule is optimistic I know! I am still working on the schedule



3 Responses to New Target Audience_Neighbourhood Residents

  1. fineblue says:

    thanks laila, I like your work very much! yes, I think fun activity would be better… so, if better idea is suggested, I will follow it. but this time we don’t have enough time and we should make decision very quickly. we failed to find out any new services… so I think this way is better although it is not the best way. cheers!

  2. mancheerstar says:

    Wow, Python! you can build an application on Nokia phone, you’re SO GREAT!

    And tonight I’ve upoload 2 pages on my server and used Gail’s mobile to view them. I think no problem with showing html, css or flash emulator if we could make more clear our direction.

  3. Laila says:

    Great Lets carry on with it 😀

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