Mobile Messaging Tools

There are the tools that by using text messaging to blog, comments, poll and sending message to others without revealing the sender’s mobile number.

Potential uses

  • Use the static HTML version to converse with buyers on eBay
  • Receive messages from anywhere
  • Receive general website feedback
  • Get immediate responses to your online adverts

  • Live updates from a convention or sports event
  • Post real-time news bulletins from the scene
  • Update a travel-blog on the go without a PC
  • Update to your corporate site to let your colleagues know you’ve been delayed
  • Tell your friends and visitors how your vacation is going
  • Updating your page even if you lose Internet access or power!

  • Gauge your readers’ opinions on current news stories
  • Get ratings of content
  • Receive general website feedback
  • Run an online competition
  • Find your most popular product
  • Let your online community vote on a topic

  • Get detailed feedback on your articles
  • Gauge reaction to news stories
  • Let visitors suggest new features or items
  • Allow your readers to discuss articles and topics
  • Increase you readership by involving visitors in your content
  • Let visitors interact with your site without the hassle of signups and bulletin boards
  • Run a public message board that is unlikely to be abused

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