Specifying the Target Audience

For the Article on Identifying your Audience the main points listed are:

  1. Taking the General Public as the Target Audience is too vast.
  2. Even corporations with advertising budget larger than many countries don’t attempt to target the public
  3. Target Audience are the individuals, groups, communities and bodies of decision makers who can influence your target.
  4. Sometimes a target audience can have direct decision making power, and can influence a group o take decisions for them like parents and children.

So the criteria is:

  • Who needs to hear our message?
  • Who has influence over your target?
  • Who must be moved to action so your goals will be met?
  • Who has the greatest impact on the outcome of your product?

Next Step is to Get to Know Your Target Audience:

  1. Where they stand on an issue
  2. What motivates and drives them
  3. Research any data from ally organizations on the same target audience
  4. Consult with Surveys and polling resul


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