Concept_Brain Storm

  • Our Initial Idea stared by narrowing down the plus and minus of Portable Devices
We covered fairly enough of what in the market currently and what are the most popular services and application a mobile phone can offer.
  • Following we did a concentrated study of application and services using Mash ups.

– From the book Mobile Web 2.0 by Ajit Jaokar and Tony Fish, we realised the importance of Mobile Generated Content (User generated content using a mobile phone at the point of inspiration). And the continuos demand to fascilitate digital convergence, potentially Mash ups.
– From the Book Service Design Practical Access to an Evoling Field by Stefan Moritz, we realised that Service esign Helps to Innovate (Create New) or Improve (Exisitng) Services to make more useful, usable, desirable for clients and efficient as well as effective for organisations.
  • Following the tutorial we had with the External Examiner we agreed we need to specify a certain (Target Audience) to analyse their needs in away we considered them as our customers.

We had variuos ideas for a target audience illustrated int he brain storm sheet and laid down decision to target Tourists, which was suggested by Lee.
  • We summarised the features that the tourist might expect to be able to start our rapid prototyping, and they were:

  1. A search Engin that allows the tourist to find his specific interest place, venue or event 
  2. The search result will offer the tourist all the available findings listed under a certain Tag
  3. The finding will be filtered according to a ranking system, where previuos users added their ranking, thoughts and advices
  4. The user will be able to add his own ranking after his own experience with the place
  5. A recomendation Engine will direct the user via SMS or MMS about other similar places of interest
  6. The location of the found subject will be located on a Map that invests in using GPS 
  7. Payment for tickets can be done via mobile and reciets will be in e-ticket shape.

One Response to Concept_Brain Storm

  1. mancheerstar says:

    Your ideas are good and very useful for the users. What I am concerning about is the above no.3& 4. are kind of social networking site’s features(knowledge-sharing). can we change them slightly, how about this…can we think of traditional way(postcards) it also is a piece of paper offers people to write down their experiences, places and happiness in order to share with their friends. (but when the traveler want to send it via our service, it will be charged)

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