Case_Study no.2


Intelligent cities for the next generation (ICING)

ARKI research group

ICING project will research a multi-modal multi-access concept for e-government. The model “thin skinned city” will be sensitive to both citizen’s and the environment through the use of of mobile devices, universal access gateways, social software and sensors. The intelligent infrastructure will enable a public Administration Services layer and a Communities layer. The cities of Helsinki, Dublin and Barcelona are part of the project. In Helsinki we will build an Urban Mediator system for providing mechanisms for citizen-driven interactions with the city. ICING is co-funded by the EU through the Information Society Technologies (IST) priority. More info:


MobilED –

Learning Environments research group

MobilED initiative is designing learning environments that are meaningfully enhanced with mobile technologies and services. The MobilED platform offers Audio Wiki, usable with mobile phones. With MobilED platform you may use MediaWiki server as the Content Management System of your audio information system. More info:


Consumer Gadget

2006, Wesa Aapro

Consumer Gadget is a consumer’s new best friend. It is an application for mobile phones that helps consumers buy ethically better products, using bar codes as the key to ethical information.



2005-2006, Jürgen Scheible

The MobileArtBlog is a blog of digital art images created with a mobile phone. It is the travel journal of artist Lenin’s Godson. Instead of ordinary images and text, this blog holds a collection of popart images, each in phone screen size, which the artist creates and uploads on the spot during travels when stimulated by things he sees and experiences, simply turning them into memorable art pieces sharing them with fans and art lovers in real time.

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