Emily’s research and thoughts

My dear fellows! Last few days I’ve been British Library, I read some books which are quite useful. I would like to start by talking the implication of mobile phones in society.

The mobile phone is implicated in between the private and the public. It is a big interference in people’s life; affect every aspect of our personal and professional lives either directly or indirectly. ‘Person’ has become portal rather than group is the primary unit of connectivity. When text messages and phone are shared among the group, they add to the interaction of the entire group rather than only of their owners. Most people have a shared experience of worry, uncertainty and impatience as they wonder if they are communicating and whether they will get reply. (I totally agree with it especially last week I argued with my former flatmates. I was so unhappy and sent a lot of SMSs to my friends for appeasement.) I pursuit this trend and found some interesting links:

Mobile gossip is good for us!


Addition A Sobering Message


I started to have an idea: we might employ text messaging to help young people deal with abortion or related problems/ circumstances.

After reading Laila’s post, I found some links maybe useful for us



After reading the book: I-mode eco-system and Designing interaction’s chapter 6 SERVICE

Personally, I would like to discover the possibility of designing service for mobile phones.

Here is a quote form this book.

‘As designers, we know how to inscribe cultural meaning into object and interfaces, but we don’t know how do inscribe cultural meaning into a service’.

I would investigate the transformation to revolutionary leap from the 5 distinct forms of technical innovation.

– Transformation

– Expansion

– Fusion

– Substation

– Innovations

One of my ideas appears – can we design a service within the location such as Café/ Bookstore/ or shopping centre by combining customer-generated content, GPS, people behavioural patterns?

One Response to Emily’s research and thoughts

  1. fineblue says:

    well done emily. I was really ill for 4 days, so I didn’t do my research well.
    I totally agree with your idea – service with location. I think that is our main point.
    so we can get advence of our concept.

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