Key points of Laila’s research until now

The significance of Mobile Web 2.0


Web 2.0: Intelligent Web or Harnessing collective Intelligence. Where users are given control of the content creation process.

Mobile Web 2.0: the idea of harnessing collective intelligence through mobile devices which can capture content at the point of inspiration. 


Today we live in a 3G-Technology era (third Generation mobile networks) with pre 2000 applications. The technology is here. The bandwidth is here. But, the mobile Data Industry has only achieved a fraction of its true potential.


– The missing piece of the puzzle is the ‘user oriented application’.

– The industry is still hampered by fragmentation: both in terms of Technology and the value chain.

In contrast in the fragmentation seen in the Mobile Data industry, the world wide Web is a unifying force which unites ideas, people and technology on the foundation of open standards.


Question: It seems obvious but could the Mobile Data Industry benefit by following the ethos of the Web?

Take the case of Mobile Internet.

In a Nutshell, Mobile Web 2.0 is focused on the user as the creator and consumer of content ‘
at the point of inspiration’ and the mobile device as the means to harness collective intelligence.



The idea that I have is to design an application or service that facilitates the user to publish the content he generated using a mobile phone for any general purpose and specifically for Journalists, to update their news blogs and Wiki’s while on the move.

The idea itself has been exisitng for a while now and the best example for it is Nokia LifeBlog.
I talked about it to Emily.


There are no application designed to use 2.0 technology lets say blog as a platform for publication so far. Of course I am researching still for the available services.

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