Research Development Plan

Dear Emily and Lee,

Please Note that this Plan is a suggestion and please feel free to comment or propose any suggestions

Hypothesis : Mobile Generated Content Using Mobile Devices

1. Observation of User needs for publishing mobile generated content on the Web

2. Analysis on the role of 2.0 Technology as a platform for publishing

3. Questionnaire design for (Users, Designers) on the probable needs of using Blogs, Wikis, etc as a complementary Bol-ton to mobile applications used to create (Image, audio, etc)

Based on the assumption that users could use mobile devices to publish their Data on Web (2.0)

1.Design a prototype to probe user’s needs

2. Observation of Data handling of mobile phone users

3. Develop a description of the users habits 

4. Define the typology of average users’ behavior with Web 2.0 Tools + Mobile phones 

Draw a Scenario

1. Grouping the habit into a General repetitive Scenario

2. Explanation within (Aural and written Material)

3. Building Prototype No.2

4. Implementation of the Results

5. Assessment and prediction of future Development


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